The sadness of Niko Krancjar

Niko Krancjar has skill. Niko Krancjar has vision. Niko Krancjar has commitment. Niko Krancjar has a cool head and is a team player. I think he is fantastic and I hope him well in his future endeavors, I am sad we did not see more of him this season. He was a revelation last term, the “buy of the season” the commentators were calling him.

Against Liverpool I was reminded, watching all 5 minutes he had on the pitch, why Niko Krancjar fell so far behind in the pecking order at Spurs: (1) he is no longer fast by Tottenham squad standards, (2) his best position is behind the striker and both van der Vaart and Modric play there and (3) if they are unfit Harry would prefer a Defoe/Crouch or Defoe/Pavlyuchenko combination.

For him to stay another season without footie at Spurs would be a crime. I would love to see him join an Everton, an Aston Villa or a Sunderland. A team that wants to play good football and needs an additional creative spark. If Harry decides to keep him around I can only hope he gives him some football in games where pace is not the answer.


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