Lose Your Illusion (1)

I hear quite a few fans talking like they’re right next door to hell. They think Modric will leave, Bale will follow, we’ll sign no-one of note and be left with dust ‘n bones, a George Graham team to put us all into a viewing coma. Personally I don’t see the Manchesters, City or United, let alone the dead horse Chelsea, committing any perfect crime here.

I’m not going to paint Tottenham Hotspur as any Garden of Eden. After all, mugs you ain’t. The first thing we all do during the transfer period is look at our chairman’s grubby little paws and wonder whether his bad obsession with the new stadium will drive him to spend or whether his belief in the future greatness of the club is just double-talkin’ jive.

Personally I would love to take the title of London’s top club back off bitches at the Chelsea and the Arsenal and, never being a Levy fan, I would be perfectly happy to live and let die if he got us there, even for only one season.

Personally I don’t see any bad apples in our squad, pressurising for a move or leaving us in the lurch. No Berbatovs and no Campbells in sight. This squad has belief in itself and I think they will stick with Harry for another year and give the board time to show it’s intentions.

But there is something to remember, and don’t damn me for saying it. First-team ready, Premier League strikers cost 35mil plus and won’t fit into our wage structure. I would bet an arm and a leg (not mine, someone else’s) we will not see a prime-age Premier League striker join our ranks unless the club releasing them agrees to pay some of his wages.

The good news is we actually have 2 quality strikers already. If Defoe can stay fit or Harry gives SuperPav a run of games either can bag 20 goals and, come November, rain pouring down, they’re used to the cold and misery of the English weather and can power through it. A bevvy of new strikers or some primadonna and I could see the axel come off.

So if we don’t make that 35mil land-mark signing, don’t cry. Capturing a strong talent like Damaio combined with a little luck on the injury side and a much shorter playlist I think we will see Spurs come out all guns ablaze.

It’s never a bed of roses for a Spurs supporter but I think it would be no fun if it was.


In remembrance of a really quite good band and because I was in that sort of mood all the song names from Gun’s and Roses Use Your Illusion (1) were worked, sometimes inelegantly, into this article: Right next door to hell, Dust ‘n Bones, You ain’t the first, Bad Obsession, Back off bitch, Double Talkin Jive, Garden of Eden, Don’t Damn Me, Bad Apples, Perfect Crime, Live and let Die, Don’t Cry, November rain, Dead Horse, Coma.

And, yes, I know the title of the article and the name of the song are different.


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