A Change of Outlook at Spurs? by anonymous

Just looking at the minute looking at the current situation at Spurs and thinking we could be turning a corner! Hopefully the days are gone when players are poached by bigger clubs who are willing to pay the money for our perfoming players.

The fact that both Harry Redknapp and our Chairman Daniel Levy have both announched their intent to keep our players. In the meantime, I actually think that we have seen the best from Luka Modric and if Chelsea are willing to pay 22 million pounds then I would let him go. But at the same time, we cant have guys coming in with a bid everytime one of our players does something in a game. The intent showed by Redknapp will hopefully put off the clubs who fancy their chances of signing Gareth Bale based on both his player of the year award and also his showing in the games against Inter Milan.

I think every deal and player should be judged on its merit as far as a bid coming in. Who remembers the flack that Kevin Keegan got when he sold Andy Cole? Then he turned from villian to hero when he completed the signing of Alan Shearer. Probably one of the best moves in Newcastle history and made Keegan the benchmark of any future Newcastle managers.

The talk is of Tottenham trying to sign Croatian wonderkid Ante Vukusic (striker), and if that means we sacrifice Modric to get him then I would take a chance. The one downside of signing such a player is the undoubted attention he will get if the move pans out the way we want it to, thats when the strength to say `we are a big club, we need to complete with the likes on Manchester United and Chelsea and that means retaining our star players` comes in.

Hopefully we will start to realise this ambition of being a true challenge to the title (which we have not seen in years)!

– by anonymous spurs fan


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