The Lilywhite Squad



robinson_paul.jpgPaul Robinson. England’s number 1 having an indifferent season after being a hero in 2005/2006. A quality player becoming synonymous with Spurs. A clean player and learning more and more about commanding his box.

Radek Cerny. Czech number 1 gets few opportunities but doesn’t complain and does his job. Good player.


Ledley King. Tottenham Club Captain. Best defender in England bar none. Does a job equal to Terry and better than Ferdinand but, somehow, without cheating. Class Act.

dawson_michael.jpgMichael Dawson. Still young and showing unbelievable quality for his age. Not good enough to run a defence but excellent alongside experience. A little slow but a high quality defender who is just going to get better and better with age.

Ricardo Rocha. New arrival. Jury out. Starting to look classy.

Chimbonda. A workhorse with skills and an excellent attitude. A limited number of mistakes and good attacking instinct make him more than worthwhile. Good player.

Young- pyo Lee. Hard working and experienced but still gets caught out in defence on occasion. Lacks aerial ability. Good player.

Benoit Essou-Ekotto. Good attacking instincts with a tenacious tackle he is too often beaten despite his obvious qualities. Jury still out.

Stalteri. A lot like a labrador retriever puppy. Works damn hard, eager to please but too often gets it wrong and pisses all over the floor. Transfer candidate. Scored against West Ham to win the Game. Perhaps we keep him as a mascot.


Didier Zokora. Highly skilled and an athlete who will take till next season to bed in. Lacks what many African players do: positional sense and a clear idea of his role on the field. Quality (with reservations).

Jermaine Jenas. Hard working, skilled and under-valued by the fans. Our only person who can hit a dead ball. Has pace and ability to lead by example. Quality.

Steed Malbranque. Feisty, hard working but prone to dodgy passes and losing the ball when tired. Will be great if he can find form again. Good player.

Aaron Lennon. Despite being only 20 is rapidly becoming one of the most important players for Spurs. Quick feet, good footballing brain and ability to hold off a tackle all there. Needs to avoid injury, should only play 25-30 games a season till older. Class act.

Hossam Ghaly. One of the hardest working players in the Premiership. Desperate to play in the Premiership, rated by Mido. Good on the ball, final pass often lacking. Good player.

[Reto Ziegler, Teemu Tanio, Danny Murphy]


[Defoe, Keane, Mido, Berbatov]

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